The Baal Shem Tov, or Besht —  the founder of Chasidism — 
met the soul of the Messiah during an ascent to heaven. 
The Besht asked him, "When will the Master come?" 
The Messiah answered, "When your wellsprings break forth to the outside!" 
(from a letter written by the Besht to his brother-in-law about one of his soul ascents) 

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Ben Gurion University Report on the Bedouin

Read "Invisible Citizens", a report on the Bedouin and the State of Israel's policies produced by Ben Gurion in conjunction with the Adva Center. [pdf format]

Here are highlights to look for:

"Israelis without solid ground beneath their feet: From lords of the Negev to inhabitants of a reservation" p.7

"Externally run local government" p.44

"Citizens who have no right to vote and run for office" p. 54

"The 'unrecognized' localities: A tale of invisible citizens" p. 68

"No economic improvement in sight" p.85

"The question of the 'unrecognized' villages" p.103

"The State's refusal to recognize numerous Bedouin villages – both those that existed pre-1948 and those that came into being in the 1950s and '60s – condemns tens of thousands of Israelis to conditions of existence unbefitting a society that calls itself civilized and developed."
"Creating a 'New Negev' " p.108
"In our humble opinion, the way to break out of the present-day vicious circle is for the various communities in the Negev to join forces, in order to bring about a regional network of political, economic and cultural relationships. This network, of which the Bedouin ought to be full members with equal status, must lead not only to joint pressure being brought to bear on the government, but also to the generation of shared regional development options designed to strengthen not only the region as a whole, but also, and at the same time, every one of its communities."



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