The Baal Shem Tov, or Besht —  the founder of Chasidism — 
met the soul of the Messiah during an ascent to heaven. 
The Besht asked him, "When will the Master come?" 
The Messiah answered, "When your wellsprings break forth to the outside!" 
(from a letter written by the Besht to his brother-in-law about one of his soul ascents) 

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A Karlin Dance Nigun

I first heard this nigun in Uman, with Breslov-inspired words, but the second time I heard it was from Miriam Ahuvatel, who learned it from her father, a Karliner hasid. The setting was the arts and crafts building at Surpise Lake camp after midnight, during the Teva Seminar. What a pleasure to hear these songs in a woman's voice! An orchestrated version can be heard on her "Hassidic Shabbath Songs & Nigunim of Karlin" under the title "Yababam"—purchase it from CD Baby. Miriam recorded this version a cappela especially for Neohasid.

Download "Yababam"



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